Holiday Bonus Suggestions


‘Tis the season to give your nanny a holiday bonus! A holiday tip is customary in the nanny industry to help your nanny out during the holiday season and show him/her how much you appreciate them.
So you might be thinking, if giving a holiday bonus is standard in the nanny industry, how much should I give? The answer is simple: one to two week’s pay is the normal amount you should tip in the nanny profession. However, often parents give more or less depending on how long their nanny has been with their family, what was discussed at time of hire, and whether the parents are financially stable to do so.
If you are unable to give a bonus to your nanny this holiday season, don’t worry. There are many other ways you can show your nanny how much you care. For example, give him/her a surprise day off, have your children make him/her a heartfelt gift or a card, bake him/her favorite snack, or just simply tell them “thank you.”
The holiday season is a time of giving. Whether to your family or your friends, you show the people that you love how much you care for them during this next month. While not a part of your immediate family, your caregiver should not be forgotten during this time of year. After all, the small acts of kindness and care they do for you and your family each day is priceless.

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