Nanny Recognition Week


Every year during the final week of September we celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week. Beginning in 1998, this week has been designated to thank a huge part of all of our lives: our nannies. Having a great nanny helps the world go round. During the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is hard to remember to give these people the recognition they deserve. But during this upcoming week, carve out some time to say thank you to your nanny in one (or more) of these 10 ways:

1. Give her a surprise day off
A paid day off is a great way to show your nanny you care by letting her get some free time during the week. She can get certain errands that she rarely has time for, or can just have a day of much needed relaxation.
2. Have the children make her a special gift
There’s no one that spends more time with your nanny than your children. A heartfelt gift from them can mean more to her than anything. Something as simple as a painting or a card will definitely show your nanny how much you and your children care for her.
3. Share a meal
Your nanny may often be helping you prepare meals during the week. Repay the offer by making her a meal to share with your family one night- or even take her out to dinner.
4. Give an unexpected bonus
Everyone can use a little extra cash in their pocket. An easy way to show your nanny how much you appreciate her this week is by paying her a little extra.
5. Get her a mani-pedi or a full spa day
Being a nanny is stressful and often a 24/7 job.

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