Back To School


It’s that time of year again, when the summer fades and the “first-day jitters” arrive. Starting school is always a big transition for children, but there are many small things you, as a parent, can do to prepare your child for the year ahead starting now. Here are 12 back to school tips to kick off the new year on the right foot.

  1. Get your child back into their sleeping routine.

After a summer of fun, it is important to get your child back into the swing of things a few of weeks before school begins. During the summer, staying up late and sleeping in are expected. In order to prevent stressful, rushed mornings, ease your child back into a routine by having them go to sleep and wake up earlier and earlier as the weeks before school dwindle down. This will have your child on a better sleeping schedule by the start of the school year.

  1. Shop for school supplies together.

It’s hard to get your child excited to go back to school, but one way to do this is to shop for school supplies together. Bring your child along to pick out their own notebooks, pencils, pens, backpack, lunchbox, etc. Including your child in the shopping process makes the thought of a new school year a little more exciting for them rather than dispiriting.

  1. Review the basics ahead of time.

Jumping right back into learning after a long few months of barely using their brain can be hard for any child. It’s always helpful to keep your child’s mind active throughout the summer- especially a few weeks before school begins. Have them practice their multiplication and division,

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